Top 6 Travel Destinations in Florida (2019 Update)

Located in the Southeastern region of the United States, Florida is one of the most tourist-friendly states in the US. This is because of the warm climate and great weather enjoyed in the area. More popularly known as "The Sunshine State", it is also a home to some of the world's most famous travel destinations and landmarks.

Thus, local and international travelers continue to flock Orlando and Kissimmee, the principal cities in this tourist belt. Due to the ever growing popularity of these cities regarding tourist attractions, many travel agencies have begun offering vacation packages to these cities, providing numerous activities and itineraries for all kinds of travelers, as well as a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing unique destination and accommodation packages.

If you would like to visit Walt Disney World or simply stay in the most luxurious hotels, now is the time to experience this fantastic state! Of course, you will need a lot of money to visit all the best places, but this is where we can help in the form of online payday loans!

Here are the most popular places:

1. Walt Disney World Resort

Everyone knows that anything associated with the Walt Disney brand is equal to lots of fun for children of all ages. This is the main reason why its theme parks and resorts continue to enjoy popularity and brisk business up to this day. Located in Osceola County, the World Disney World Resort features four main theme parks, including the "Magic Kingdom", the "EPCOT", "Disney's Hollywood Studios", and "Disney's the Animal Kingdom". If you have young children who can't wait to try out to visit this magical place, then you can choose from any vacation packages that also allow you to choose your accommodation from any hotel in their roster.

2. SeaWorld Adventure Park

Located in Orlando, this all-time favorite is a popular destination for children and adults alike, particularly those who are into marine wildlife and preservation. Aside from three major sections, including Shamu's Happy Harbor, Key West at SeaWorld and The Waterfront at SeaWorld, Sea World Orlando also features many different rides, such as the Shamu Express, the Sky Tower, Jazzy Jellies, Ocean Commotion, Net Climb, the Flying Fiddler, the Manta (a flying roller coaster), Swishy Fishies, the Kraken (a floorless roller coaster), and the Sea Carousel. Travel agencies now offer vacation packages that cover accommodations to any hotel of your choice and day tours and free passes to SeaWorld Adventure Park and its featured rides.

3. Gatorland

Gatorland is a unique tourist attraction because it specializes in wildlife and wildlife preservation. In fact, it is widely known as the Alligator Capital of the World. Located in Orlando, this theme park covers an area measuring 110 acres that house thousands of crocodiles, alligators, birds, and bears to name a few. Among other things, Gatorland also features a breeding marsh with a boardwalk and observation tower, reptilian shows, a huge aviary, a petting zoo, a "swamp walk", and educational programs. For those who are looking for a real adventure, then this one-of-a-kind theme park is for you!

4. Miami

Miami is celebrated for its energetic nightlife and dynamite white-sand shorelines. Because of its year-long sunny climate, long coastlines and mucky wetlands, the perfect city at state's southeastern tip parades a golf-accommodating scene. Add to this an abundance of historical centers, national parks, and an energetic Caribbean-impacted way of life and it turns out to be anything but difficult to legitimize the city's developing fame among enthusiastic golfers.

5. Palm Beach

A host of historic landmarks, historic neighborhoods, cultural centers and a vibrant nightlife complements the city's traditional, player-friendly golf courses. Standing amid the abundance of palms, pines, and oaks, West Palm Beach's beautiful courses are a hot favorite among both local and foreign vacationers.

6. Tampa Bay

Other than tremendous shorelines along the serene blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and sunny and warm atmosphere consistently, the Tampa Bay region brags of various world-class resorts and a plentiful private, upscale, day by day expense and semi-private greens. Being one of the well-known host urban areas of the Super Bowl and home to many entertainment meccas add to its fascination as one of the head occasion goals in the US.

Coming complete with beautiful scenery and world-class accommodations, Florida vacation destinations are a dream come true for the people passionate about holidays. With over a thousand places to visit and activities to do, it beckons passionate vacationers with its multitude of opportunities.

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